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The Figure Wizard

Scientific communication made easy

Because an image worth a thousand words, our scientific illustration and formatting services will help you to better communicate your research.

Why to hire a professional scientific ilustrator?

To reach more people

Good looking and explicative images are easy to understand and remember, then they are shared and used as examples in meetings, university courses, thesis, reviews etc. 

To better communicate your ideas

A good image helps readers to understand complex ideas quickly and easily. Because of it's inherent complexity, scientific ideas can be hard to understand, so a little visual aid will always be appreciated by readers.

To save time.

To make a professional looking image, worthy of being published in the best scientific journals takes some time, time that you could use in more important topics. Also most of the high impact magazines ask for ilustrations and figures with high quality and very specific features, don't risk getting your article rejected, all our images have publication guarantee. 

Our services

Custom illustration

Does not matter the complexity of your design , we can develop your proyect and make your ideas come true. 

Also get feedback from pur experts to make your images be not only beauty but usefull.

We can make your articles, reviews, thesis and presentations look professional, just on the same level of the rest of your research.

scientific illustration example.png
Example artwork.png

Plotting and figure formatting service

Your data need to be presented in the best way. We can plot your data / or format your figures according to the requirements of the selected journal.

plotting service.png

Don't wait any longer!

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